Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Real Reason for the Season?

Happy winter solstice! Tomorrow (Sunday) is the shortest day of the year. But what causes the seasons?

Via the Bad Astronomer
And how do we know the Earth orbits the Sun?

Just something to think about...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

What is humanism?

Most people either smile or laugh at me when I say to watch Star Trek, so here's the abridged version:

Or just listen to Gene Roddenberry accept the 1991 Humanist Arts Award from AHA.

That's humanism! OK? :)

I watched as many of the Star Trek episodes in this video as I could with my children when they were young, and we talked about the issues and themes that were raised (another one of my favorite episodes that is not in this compilation is TNG's The Chase). And I think my children turned out pretty good. They also liked the Wizard of Oz and the Lion King. :)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Doubt: A Prerequisite to Finding Out

"My argument is not with people who search for God. My argument is with people who feel that our understanding of God is completed." - Ann Druyan

Some believe they know, with certainty,
God's truth about everything under the Sun. 
Most of us have doubts and uncertainties
That go far beyond whether or not He had a Son.
We learn and have new experiences,
Not because we already know everything.
But because we have humility and doubt,
And then we try to actually find out.