Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Menacing speedboats and "Filipino Monkeys!" Oh my!

Menacing speedboats and "Filipino Monkeys!" Oh my!
Attack now, or we're all going to die?

With the POTUS once again playing in the sand.
Is another nervy, and slightly-unhinged move at hand?

"Unnecessarily provocative" was sounded from the Gates!
"Quite troubling actually and a matter of real concern" for our fates?

Gee, I guess the best intel can be we all now know?
But still, shouldn't we be more careful what we sow?


  1. In Soviet Russia, capitalism was defined as "a socio-economic system in the final stages of decay." A strong sense of community materialized in socialist policies make most of the West sustainable (Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, etc.) Because the USA deems any responsible social policy as "Communist" and its policy wonks fervently hold "better Dead than Red," the US has never adopted the necessary socialist policies to make its system sustainable. With each year the US comes ever closer to satisfying the old Bolshevik definition of a capitalist state. It happened to Ottoman Empire, the Persian Empire, the Romans and the Nazis. It's our turn now.