Sunday, February 17, 2008

Repelled: No talking out loud!

Ben (Will) Whine Tags:

The theory of gravity is still taught
Like the only valid idea that ought
Be allowed in our schools today
An attraction between bodies they say

A growing number of scientists are quite dismayed
At the very real prospect of being waylaid

If they dare to question “Big Science’s” orthodoxy
They must use a "pen name" as their proxy

This suppression of real scientific debate
Has its roots in Secular Humanist hate

Gay marriage, labor unions, and the UN results
Saddam Hussein is no longer available for consults

They use their privileged position to support Osama
And then tell us all to vote for Barack Hussein Obama

A rational challenge to this magnum dopus is overdue
A force that repels bodies must now ensue

Learn about the controversy if you dare
But beware of the consequences if you share

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