Saturday, December 10, 2011

Russell Brand's proof that God exists: Dawkins is a terrorist, the Dalai Lama isn’t a dickhead, and TM makes me feel good

A colleague (whom I respect) recently shared an article on Facebook by Russell Brand, the host of Big Brother spin-off, Big Brother's Big Mouth. Heard enough yet?

The article, from last April, is entitled “Why Richard Dawkins is the best argument for the existence of God.” Brand calls it his “opportunity to prove the existence of God.” Here’s his argument as best I can make it out….

  • Launch an ad hominem attack on Richard Dawkins for being the "Abu Hamza of atheism." Abu Hamza is a Sunni jihadist in prison for murder in the UK!
  • Create a straw man to attack instead of Dawkins: to “condemn all religion and spirituality on the basis of…slack-jawed, knee-jerk saliva-flecked vitriol” from “low-browed creationists chutney and “knee-jerk fundamentalists,” he proclaims, “is as unfair as the simplified dogma that the choir of pious atheists harmonise against…I don't see atheists queuing up to call the Dalai Lama a dickhead. These are the examples to which we should turn when questioning the existence of a power beyond man. Not Glenn Beck or some other capillary blob on Fox News.”
  • Share a personal revelation about TM making him “feel the bliss of the divine.” If anyone challenges him on it, claim that they are still bitter about how the Church treated Galileo.

"It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change."
- Alice, from Alice in Wonderland

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