Sunday, January 29, 2012

Real Mericans (still) hate ("New") Atheists

Atheism is as much of a religion as not collecting baseball cards is a hobby.
- Jessica Ahlquist’s Facebook Page

American attitudes about “atheists” haven’t changed much. Most still don’t trust us because they can’t understand how we can be good without being part of something larger than ourselves. Even on the left, where most atheists who vote, do, we are sometimes seen as arrogant racists who are blind to the problems of “whiteness, class oppression and patriarchy.”

Americans wonder why we’re so angry…

Listen to Greta explain…

Americans don’t trust us because they think we don’t see ourselves as part of something larger than ourselves….

Americans are still afraid of us because we embrace doubt and uncertainty and not knowing…

Unfortunately, most Americans would still rather have answers which might be wrong than to see reality as it is. So they still pray for us atheists and convert baptize* our dead. They still get enraged when we speak up.

But even their clergy are standing up for us and starting to come out! And you can too! In reality we are, in doubt and cleverly designed experiments we trust, in human survival we seek. When will you join us?


Update 1: I have just been informed by a Mormon that their Baptism of the Dead practice is opt out only (like Facebook privacy). So I have contacted LDS to formerly request this for me and my immediate family. I will keep you posted….

Update 2: For the “non-theists,” “agnostics,” and “deists” out there, I will let Einstein respond: “From the viewpoint of a Jesuit priest I am, of course, and have always been an atheist.” Same probably goes for most of you “pantheists,” “pagans,” and “witches” by the way!