Thursday, March 1, 2012

GOP adopts flying pig mascot and vagina monologue…REALLY!?! What a RUSH!

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The GOP is ditching the elephant for the flying pig this election cycle. I know. It’s not about birth control, or who pays for it (as the festival of point-missing shows). But it’s not about “religious freedom” either. It’s about exemptions to medical coverage for women employees based on an employer’s religious objections to the medical care. Which by extension also makes it about dangerous ideas that kill women and subject them to unnecessary medical procedures. But you lost me with exemptions to coverage for women based on an employer’s religion. How would you like special exemptions in your medical coverage because your employer’s shaman doesn’t agree with your doctor?

Rush Limbaugh’s slut slur and sex video solicitation was a nice touch though (Maher must be to blame)! In his honor, let me introduce the new GOP mascot, who best embodies the GOP chances of winning anything in 2012 if they stick with the vagina monologue! But I say go for it guys! You never know. It’s now or never right? Smile


"One of the main reasons for introducing this bill was to see if we could find common ground for pro-life and pro-choice. It seems to me the common ground would be in the area of contraception."
Olympia Snowe, on her Equity in Prescription Insurance and Contraceptive Coverage Act (introduced in May 1997)

The pill is one of most effective non permanent method of birth control. Pills are nearly 100% (99.6%) effective in preventing pregnancy if they are taken correctly. However they do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Periods will be regular, lighter and shorter with less cramping.

  • Improvement of acne problems is common.
  • The pill helps prevent cancer of the ovaries and uterus.
  • Less chance of cysts on the ovaries and benign breast disease.

- Public service announcement from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Oh, and for you US "libertarians" out there: My employer is not paying for my medical care! They are letting me take advantage of a group rate on medical insurance that they arranged with the company that is providing my medical insurance. This insurance is a benefit (like pay) of my employment, so…like my pay, it belongs to me. Further, no one is asking my employer to pay for birth control pills! Women are asking employers not to exempt birth control from their medical insurance coverage. Because birth control is cheaper than unwanted pregnancies and ovarian or uterine cancers! Why is this so hard for somewhat educated white men to understand?

As of March 7, two new advertisers have joined Rush’s sinking ship: 46 have jumped for now. And Kristen Powers, Bill Maher, and Michele Bachmann (and some other, umm…true believers) all now agree: Rush is getting a bum rap!

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