Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sensational NDE rubbish in Salon

Salon offers this as ”new science” on…wait for it: NDEs. With “shocking results for the nature of consciousness and reality itself. Yes, it’s the same old "crackpot" religious screed against "materialistic scientists" and same old anecdotal evidence for NDEs. Given what is at stake, is it too much to expect Salon’s editors to Google the author and tone down the sensational headline?

If human consciousness can really leave the body and operate without a brain then everything we know in neuroscience has to be questioned. If people could really gain paranormal knowledge then much of physics needs to be rewritten. This is what is at stake. Add to that the fact that most people in the population believe in some kind of life after death, and many desperately want it to be true…

- Sue Blackmore, “Back From the grave”

UPDATE: PZ Myers responds in Salon.


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