Sunday, September 23, 2012

9/11 liberal (n) - a liberal who believes Muslims are nuts

Bill Maher defines "9/11 liberal" as someone who believes Islam is worse than other religions. Chris Matthews asks: So what?

I think Chris Stedmen may be onto something when he warns us that Atheists Ignore Islamophobia at our own Peril. So when Haroon Moghul asks "Are Muslims Nuts?" I wouldn't elect Maher to speak for my liberal or secular views on the question.

But I'm very interested in what Rushdie has to say, and very much looking forward to reading his new book.

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  1. I am a fan of Jimmy Carter. However, there were two things the Carter Administration did that had lasting negative impact. The first was the deregulation of the airline industry. The second, germane to this discussion, was the insane siding with the Afghans when the Soviets invaded. Some of us recognized what the Soviets were doing at the time - attempting to provide a buffer state so that the Islamic Revolution in Iran did not spread to the southern regions of the USSR. Had the Carter Administration decided to come to the aid of the Soviets we would not know the name Osama Bin Laden. Instead, he armed Osama and Reagan really armed him. Remember the peace in Yugoslavia when the Russian Bear had its paws on its throat? Remember what happened in that very same region when the Bear's paws were removed?

    If we want to make an omelette out of the Middle East, I cannot think of a more clear example of the truth of Stalin's words with regard to what we should do. Is Rushdie correct about the leaders driving this jihad in order to empower themselves? Of course. But name me a religion where its leaders did not seek power by the fleecing of their respective sheep. And then try to come up with an example in which the sheep evolved to the point where they were no longer the useful idiots of their leaders.

    It would be nice if there were a civilized answer to this issue. But, there isn't. And the reason there isn't is that the useful idiots of Islam are motivated by conviction. You can defeat a lot of things with reason, but spiritual conviction can only be defeated with the sword.