Thursday, December 26, 2013

I'll take health care, you can keep your Jesus and Duck Dynasty

Chris Mooney has an interesting piece in Mother Jones about how existential security leads "toward less religion and also more tolerance of atheism" in society. Religion, on the other hand, often preys on our insecurities. And our fear of death and suffering provide fertile ground in which to plant a seed of faith that we can somehow survive our bodily death.

A case in point appeared in my Facebook feed yesterday in the form of this video. Speaking to the congregation of Saddleback church in July of this year, Phil Robertson explains in the video (starting at about 16:05) the problem with health care:
"It's not gonna keep you out of the ground...The best you can hope for is a little temporary reprieve...We're not going to live forever. I don't care how much money we spend on healthcare. It's all a farce. It's smoke and mirrors. It's just another way to get your money."
Praise Jesus, mail the duck, eat mor chikin, and opt out of health care! Whites onlyQuack. Quack.

Thanks, but no thanks. I'm with my brother-in-law (an agnostic). He wants more health care and doesn't really care much about Jesus or Duck Dynasty. In 2004 he had a stroke, and thanks to quality heath care (provided for at the time by his employer) he was able to recover and avoid crippling debt (or a premature death at age 44). He switched employers and lost health care after his recovery, and he just purchased a new health care plan under Obamacare to cover him and a dependent. The final costs for him: $86 a month. Prior to Obamacare, he was quoted $3800 a month by the same provider.

I'll take health care, you can keep your Jesus and Duck Dynasty Phil-o-stinians.

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