Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Legacy of Fred Phelps

Recovering From Religion released a statement on behalf of Nathan Phelps (who is on their board of directors) about the death of his father, Fred Phelps - the infamous founder of the Westboro Baptist Church. Nate also spoke to Seth Andrews recently after he learned that his father was in hospice:

And here's a interview Nate did with a Calgary radio show after his father's death...

Nate inspired a friend and I to action with his speech at the Reason Rally in 2012, and we started a local chapter of Recovering From Religion in the Charlotte metro area as a result. Nate has had a positive impact on so many others in the secular and LGBT community. So when I think about the legacy of Fred Phelps, I will always think of Nate as the most enduring part of that legacy.

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