Monday, January 5, 2015

WFAE: Maybe you should have invited a medical professional?

I'm not a medical professional, and neither was anyone on Charlotte Talks this morning. Mike Collins did make some modest efforts to prevent it from turning into an infomercial, but it took 47 minutes into the hour for him to specifically note: "Now none of you are doctors...registered dietitians...or nutritionists. None of you are medical professionals." At one point he also made a passing mention of "critics" of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

On the other hand it took less than ten minutes for someone to mention Deepak Chopra, and Andrew Weil was offered (by Collins) as the token medical expert who apparently condones all this stuff. We also learned that you can apparently get mercury poisoning from dental fillings in which case you may have to have some type of "chelating" therapy (not specified, but my guess is cilantro). Why do we need to detox? "It's just like when you need to clean out your car or clean out the closet....the junk gets built up...sometimes we pack [our bodies] too much, with too much toxins, and the pathways get clogged up."

Collins spoke for his guests on several occasions. For example, he emphasized several times that they weren't talking about the "hocus pocus" stuff but instead: "Most of you are saying don't put bad things in [your body] in the first place, and here are the bad things that you should eliminate, and here are the good things you should try to see what works for you." To the credit of his guests, they did acknowledge that what they are really advocating for is "long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes" instead of "quick fix" solutions (which they also sell as a "great way to get started" on the long-term change). There were no questions about colon cleansing.

When Collins finally asked his guests if there is any "scientific basis" for what they were talking about, one of them admitted: "I think it's true that the research hasn't quite caught up with all that we're saying." I'm inclined to agree, but again I'm no medical expert either. Maybe WFAE should have invited one?

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