Saturday, February 28, 2015

"When faith is on the line, so are we!"

Recovering From Religion has officially announced the launch of the Hotline Project, "an international peer support phone line for people across the many stages of religious disbelief." The toll free hotline is available to callers in the United States and Canada and is currently staffed 24 hours a day on the weekends and from 6 pm to midnight Central time on weekdays. You can reach the hotline by dialing 184-I DOUBT IT (1-844-368-2848).

According to Sarah Morehead, Executive Director of Recovering from Religion, the organization "gets calls and emails daily from people around the world struggling with the consequences of doubting their faith. Many know they risk losing everything – their marriage, their children, their jobs, and lifelong friends or family if their growing doubts are discovered, and in their daily lives they feel completely alone. The Hotline Project builds a crucial bridge from the ‘cold shoulder’ of rejection into the warm and welcoming world of the secular community, and acts as a beacon of hope and reassurance that there are many of us who truly understand how much of a challenge this process can be.”

When faith is on the kine, so are we!

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Finally, here's a quick video of Hemant Mehta talking about the project when it was in the early planning phase back in 2013...

And a few troubling early anonymous transcripts that Sarah shared at AACon15...

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