Saturday, July 18, 2015

First Humanist Invocation Scheduled for Lincoln County (NC) Board of Commissioners Meeting

It's now official. On August 17, I will deliver the first Humanist invocation at the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners Meeting on behalf of the Hickory Humanist Alliance. I commend the Commissioners for adopting a policy of nondiscrimination and for putting in place a process that allowed this to happen quickly and without any fuss. The Lincoln County policy and process should serve as a model for other municipalities. Well done Lincoln County!

Note: Since the meeting on the invocation policy, only Christian clergy have delivered the invocations - one "in Jesus' name" (June 8) and one "in Jesus' wonderful and precious name" (June 1). But their next meeting is July 20 so stay tuned! There's more to come...

Update (Aug. 3): There was no invocation delivered at the July 20 meeting. Duston Barto will be delivering a Muslim invocation at tonight's meeting on behalf of the Foothills Interfaith Assembly.

Photo credit: Gaston Gazette

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