Tuesday, September 1, 2015

McCrory confirms he's doing what 'The Response' organizers say they aren't doing?

Update: Sept 2 - The ACLU has now filed a public records request to determine whether any public funds were used here.

A spokesman for Governor McCrory says he "accepted an invitation from the event organizers and will attend to talk to the audience about underage drinking, substance abuse and other issues … important to the values of North Carolinians."

But according to the FAQ from the group sponsoring the rally, the "gathering is not about a political party, church or ministry.  There will be no sermons, speeches, endorsements, or political statements – only an appeal to Heaven through prayer, fasting and worship."

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Update: September 28 - McCrory prays as religious group leader bashes gays, claims U.S. “deserves judgment” (Video)

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