Saturday, November 28, 2015

Not So Lone Wolf: "No More Baby Parts"

Crime Scene

As the FBI warned months ago, a domestic anti-abortion terrorist appears to have struck - in the "playground for white, pro-gun, pro-life Evangelical Christians." The Washington Post is now reporting that an "unnamed law enforcement official" is telling them that the Planned Parenthood attack was "definitely politically motivated" and that the attacker "told the officers who arrested him 'no more baby parts' after being taken into custody" (and something about Obama).

The clinic had a safe room, bullet-proof vests, and a sophisticated video surveillance system that helped law enforcement track the terrorist's movements inside the building. Some anti-abortion groups were quick to denounce the attack, but the GOP presidential candidates have remained mostly silent thus far - suggesting either some recognition of their role as stochastic terrorists in this case or perhaps just concern about offending sympathetic primary voters?

Update: November 29 - some of the other GOP candidates finally weigh in....

"It’s obviously a tragedy. Nothing justifies this. Any protesters should always be peaceful. Whether it’s Black Lives Matter or pro-life protesters...This is so typical of the left to immediately begin demonizing a messenger because they don’t agree with the message...What I would say to anyone who would try to link this terrible tragedy to anyone who opposes abortion or the sale of body parts, is this is typical, left-wing tactics." - Carly Fiorina
"Well, this was an extremist. And this was a man who they said prior to this was mentally disturbed. So, he's a mentally disturbed person. There's no question about that...I will tell you, there is a tremendous group of people that think it's terrible, all of the videos that they've seen with some of these people from Planned Parenthood talking about it like you're selling parts to a car. I mean, there are a lot of people that are very unhappy about that." - Donald Trump
"Unfortunately, there's a lot of extremism coming from all areas. It's one of the biggest problems that I think is threatening to tear our country apart...We get into our separate corners and we hate each other, we want to destroy those with whom we disagree...If we can get rid of the rhetoric from either side and actually talk about the facts, I think that's when we begin to make progress. And, you know, a lot of people, when they don't have facts, when they don't have a good backup, that's when the rhetoric starts. That's when the name-calling starts." - Ben Carson
"Regardless of why he did it, what he did is domestic terrorism. What he is did is absolutely abominable, especially to those of us in the pro-life movement, because there's nothing about any of us that would condone or in any way look the other way at something like this." - Mike Huckabee

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