Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sounds like Iredell County Commissioners are sticking with a "moment of silence" for now

My understanding is that the Iredell County Board of Commissioners stopped prayers on the advise of their attorney following the Rowan County decision, and that “concerned citizens” have recently been pressuring them to restart the practice. Some of these "concerned citizens" even said the Lord’s Prayer out loud during the moment of silence at their October 6 meeting. On November 3, something similar occurred.

It sounded like the Board was working with their attorney to explore their options and come up with a Greece-friendly policy that allows them to resume invocations, but from their October 20 minutes:

Bryan Shoemaker of 722 Dobson Farm Road, Statesville, addressed the Board and presented a petition with 484 signatures to reinstate prayer prior to the Iredell County Commissioners’ meeting. They met in front of the building prior to tonight’s meeting and will continue to pray for the Board. The group will not back down and will be standing behind the Board.

Chairman Mallory expressed his appreciation for the support of the community. The Board has revisited the issue and members have agreed to continue to open with a moment of silence for prayer or reflection.

Hopefully they will stick with their current policy...

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