Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Force Awakens. Run, Forest, Run!

Have you experienced the new spiritual awakening yet? Have you ever noticed the Biblical themes in Star Wars? Or how the "Force" is like Allah? Did you know that Yoda is a Jewish sage, a Buddhist masterand a Hindu yogi? Perhaps you've noticed the Taoist or Sikh themes in previous movies?

This, of course, is all by design. But have you noticed any themes related to skepticism, agnosticism, freethinking, or humanism? And more to my point, have you noticed how Stars Wars fandom is like a religion? Or how, in the mist of all the current hype and consumer spending, it's starting to feel a lot like Christmas..."where you can't go anywhere without listening to the same music...where all broadcasts, all songs, all jokes, all references, are - just for that magic few weeks - just exactly like living in fucking North Korea" (Christopher Hitchens).

Have you ever felt like singing "Fuck Star Wars"? Do you really hate it?

Bah Humbug

Or maybe you're just afraid to agree with Piers Morgan?
But, come on...even Amy Poehler is tired of pretending!

Update: December 21 - Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye weigh in...


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