Thursday, February 4, 2016

A humanist wants me to read Bill Warner (French)

In response to my last post, a humanist suggested that I must familiarize myself with the writings of Bill Warner (Bill French) and related crusaders - otherwise I have "effectively pulled out of informed conversation about the issues at hand."

Bill Warner (French)
Oy vey, I think I'll let Bill speak for himself - apparently there's a lot of money in it...

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  1. There are many things I do not understand about my fellow Americans and their passions. I do not understand why anyone feels the need to defend Muslims any more than I understand why anyone feels the need to defend Christians or Jews. If these people claiming to be members of any of these religions actually believe the nonsense each superstition teaches, then they are of such inconsequential intellect as to be unworthy of discussion or even thought. Civilized society shouldn't tolerate any of these religions, nor their professed adherents. The only time we should pay any attention to these imbeciles is when they threaten to have any influence on any other person.

    Hitchens said these religions should be mocked, that mocking them was "essential." I couldn't agree more. All religions should be mocked and none defended.