Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"Christian" legislators in NC want to check you for lady or man parts before you pee

Looking for perverts in all the wrong places...
Image Credit: Font Folly

The dead-enders at the North Carolina General Assembly are at it again - as promised by our governor after the Charlotte City Council approved an ordinance in February to protect LGBT people who just need to pee (among other things that most of us take for granted). This is the same "Christian" legislature that has wasted tens (hundreds?) of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to (unsuccessfully) defend our state's gay marriage ban in federal court.

This is the same "Christian" legislature currently throwing more good money after bad trying to defend the "right" of court officials in our state to refuse to do their civil duties on religious grounds. This is the same "Christian" legislature that wasted taxpayer funds on passing - and then on (unsuccessfully) defending in federal court - an unconstitutional doctor-narrated ultrasound before an abortion.

This same "Christian" anti-LGBT Motorcycle-Vagina legislature now wants to check you for lady or man parts before you can pee! With representatives like these it's not surprising that Christianity is having some brand issues. But while we're on this topic I would humbly suggest that these "Christian" legislators stop dreaming up questionable laws to protect us from imaginary LGBT sexual predators in public restrooms and start looking for the elephants in their own pews. Sheesh.

To contact NC State Legislators:
: Take action to make sure LGBT protections in NC aren't overturned!
Equality NC: Contact Your Legislators: Don't Legislate Discrimination!


  1. "Only 25% of voters in the state think the General Assembly should override Charlotte's recently passed anti-discrimination ordinance, compared to 51% who think Charlotte should have the right to pass its own laws without interference from on high. There's actually bipartisan consensus on the issue with Democrats (58/17), independents (48/21), and Republicans (45/38) alike believing Charlotte's new law should be left alone by the General Assembly. As the legislature convenes a special session to deal with this issue, only 18% of voters in the state approve of the job it's doing to 52% who disapprove."

    - Public Policy Polling (March 22, 2016)

  2. WRAL: NC set to ban local discrimination protections - includes link to draft bill with "biological sex" defined as what your "birth certificate" sez.