Friday, November 25, 2016

Announcing my new publication: Kühner-Kommentar on Amerika

Quick update since I haven't posted here in a while...

After writing a few pieces for Dan Arel's Modern Left publication, Dan decided to discontinue his Medium publication. As a result, I have created my own: Kühner-Kommentar on Amerika. I will be using a pen name (or German translation of my real and original family name) for that publication.

Hope you enjoy it, and please follow us on Facebook and Twitter or consider becoming a patron to support this exciting new online publication of frank, independent, and courageous analysis with a deep aversion to sham and pretense wherever it appears. I will continue to post some new content here (and all the legacy content on this blog will remain here), but most of my new (topical) content will be published in this new publication (or in some special cases, to the associated Patreon account for my patrons) only.