William Keener: Freelance & Consulting

William Keener. Reason Rally 2016.

I am available (part-time) for freelance writing, editing, and research about secular or progressive issues, interfaith, science, philosophy, and others areas of personal interest and passion as well as contract consulting for secular or progressive non-profits on maximizing organizational potential through critical thinking, science-based reasoning, and managing by fact, agile (Scrum) coaching or management of complex projects (including software engineering projects), and content development or knowledge management.

I am currently researching and writing about my family history and genealogy under the pen name Wilhelm Kühner. Check out my latest work at Kühner Kommentar an Amerika - a online publication that I created as a supplement to my books and to provide free online documentation about my family history and genealogy. Below are some additional samples of my writing and research interests for your information. For resume and references, please contact William Keener by email: williamkeener@outlook.com.

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