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The Metrolina Chapter of Recovering from Religion was founded on June 1, 2012 in Maiden, NC. Recovering from Religion (RR) is an nonprofit organization run by volunteers and dedicated to providing confidential multi-dimensional support and encouragement to individuals who are doubting their faith, have been negatively impacted by religion in some way, or are in the process of leaving their religious affiliations and dealing with issues associated with this journey. We focus on increasing the awareness of the issues that people face as they leave religion. Metrolina RR offers practical, local support to those in the Charlotte metro area who are recovering from religion.

How can RR help you?
  • We hold monthly small support group meetings in Mooresville, NC on the last Sunday of each month. We also hold meetings in Concord occasionally. For more information or to RSVP privately for a meeting, contact us by email:
       Contact us:
  • The Hotline Project - an international peer support (toll free) phone line for people across the many stages of religious disbelief. Available in the United States and Canada and staffed 24 hours a day on the weekends and from 6 pm to midnight on weekdays.
       Call 184-I DOUBT IT (1-844-368-2848) for
    confidential, real time support!
  • If you need a safe place online to discuss how you have been negatively impacted by religion, please email with the subject "Private Facebook Group" to be added to our secret discussion group on Facebook. You will be added by email, not by name, so be sure to email from the email account that you use for your Facebook account.  
  • Important For professional psychological counseling contact a secular mental health professional via the Secular Therapist Project (an RR Outreach project). Or check out these resources to help stop an immediate threat or bullying.
  • Note If you are an active or former clergy who does not hold supernatural beliefs, please visit the Clergy Project if you are looking for a confidential online community of other former or active clergy. 
  • Finally, we have curated a bibliography of resources on "coming out" godless (which includes a list of local secular groups across the Carolinas) as well as a general list of secular support resources that you might find helpful.

How can you help RR?



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